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@preciseauto.sg Your car keys are left inside the car? 😱😱 . Don't panic! I have a solution for you! . The keys are locked inside the car because of your car's automatic lock function. . Newer cars won't auto-lock the vehicle when the keys are still inside. But sometimes, they auto-lock anyway no matter whether the keys are inside the car or not. . This will cause us problems of not accessing the vehicle when the owner is outside of the car. . A few options that can be used are breaking the glass window and hiring a locksmith. . Unless you have a second key, that could save a lot of money from the hassle. . #preciseauto #sgcars #carservice #carworkshop #cardealership #viralcars #cartips #cartipsandtricks #carhacks #cardoor #cartok #cardoorlock #carlocked #carkeys #carkeyslocked ♬ original sound - Precise Auto
@preciseauto.sg 🔥 FOR SALE: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale 4.7A🔥 Model: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale 4.7A Reg Date: 06-Jul-2011 Description: Rare MC-Stradale Top spec GT unit, roaring stock exhaust, Head turner 2 door sports unit, Full alcantara interior with MCS sport bucket seats, Sgcarmart 2023 premium dealer award winner! Buy with confidence! Full loan available, lowest bank & in-house interest rates, in house warranty provided, perfect car condition with no repairs needed! High trade in value! Features: 4.7L V8 Ferrari engine that delivers 443bhp and 560nm of torque, mated to a 6 speed automated manual gearbox. Sprints from 0-100km/h in just 4.3 secs. Accessories: Sport suspension,sport rims,racing bucket seats,carbon ceramic brakes #preciseauto ♬ original sound - Precise Auto
@preciseauto.sg 🔥BMW 1 Series 116i🔥 Model: BMW 1 Series 116i Reg Date: 20-Jan-2012 Description:   $0 downpayment monthly $1279 only! Brand new paintwork done, Brand new interior upholstery, Engine overhaul done and many other repairs, Everything worth around $5000+, Upgraded Sport rims, full loan in house interest rates from 3.Xx%, In house warranty provided, perfect condition with no repairs needed! All vehicles undergone workshop 120 point inspection check, High trade in value #sgcars #carworkshop #carservice #carsoftiktok #viralcars #viralcarsoftiktok #cardealership ♬ original sound - Precise Auto
@preciseauto.sg Affordable and fuel efficient? This car has it all! . Model: Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5A 2019 Reg Date: 24-Jun-2019 Description:   Sporty-looking unit Wrapped in Satin Grey Wrap + Upgraded Sports Rims, SG Carmart 2023 Premium Dealer Award Winner! Buy with Confidence! Full loan Available, Lowest Bank & In-House Interest Rates, In House Warranty Provided, Perfect Car Condition With No Repairs Needed! All Vehicles have Undergone Workshop 120 Point Inspection Check to be Certified Road Worthy. High Trade-In Value! Features: Powerful And Fuel Efficient 1.5L 4 Cylinder DOHC I-VTEC, 135Bhp, 7 Speed DCT Transmission Accessories: Keyless Entry/Start/Stop, Leather Seats, Pioneer Head Unit With Bluetooth, Reverse Camera/Sensors, Sports Rims. #sgcars #cardealers #honda #hondafit #carworkshop #preciseauto ♬ original sound - Precise Auto

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