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Syahir is a creator, video editor, and provides short-form video service, strategy, and editing course.

My Philosophy

There’s a lot of people doing short-form video editing services, courses, and strategy.

Most of them simply aren’t doing it well.

Too many creators and editors set out to go viral, chasing views by hyper-optimizing each second of their content and copying what’s working for others.

They’re forgetting about the human on the other side of the screen, who only wants three things:

Human connection — to understand you’re a human, too

Some sort of value — a laugh, thought, or conversation-starter

Unique style & perspective — a clear understanding that you’re different from the rest.

The best videos are the ones that look, sound, and feel like you. 

When you have that, your views, likes, followers, and conversions take care of themselves.


My Vision

Making sure that all of our content, resources, and offers as the obvious solution to any problem in the short-form space.

Successful short-form content is like having a top-tier player in your gaming squad:

Some moves may gain you a few points or advances in the game…

Others could lead to a major in-game achievement or a substantial score boost…

The overall gaming experience improves significantly when you have reliable teammates who consistently make impactful contributions!

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